15/09/13 – Hey everyone, well it’s been a long time since I last wrote on the blog, sorry about that! A lot has been happening in the dancing community over the past few months and as the weather starts to warm up there will be even more events to attend. If you are attending any great dance nights, please drop us an email to advise us and we’ll try to come along to enjoy the night with you. Otherwise send us some happy snaps to add to our website.

This month we are expanding our dancing skills and branching out to learn BACHATA. I’ve seen this dance at many social events and always enjoyed watching other people dance but never had the courage to try it. I’ve found our lessons to be great and even just learning the basic steps has helped in giving me the gumption to get out on the dance floor and give it a try… now I really love it and everytime the music starts I’m straight out there to enjoy myself!

Here’s a bit of bachata history:- the roots of the dance is in the music! The melody is contagious and revolves around the themes like romance, loss and happiness. The dance involves four steps with a pop or tap on the last beat. Bachata literally means ‘party’ and it hails from the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. The popularity of the dance has exploded in recent years due to the sexy dance moves and hypnotic music…. A great dance and it’s sure to bring to a smile to your face.

Happy dancing