We understand that you dare to be different with your accessories, something to add that little bit of flair to your dance shoes, costume and natural style. We are constantly searching for unique dance accessories to add to our collection that you will enjoy!

Please find below our range of dance accessories:

Shoe Brush – Price $8.00 AUD

Wooden shoe brush for suede shoes, includes bristle cap and bag.

dance accessories

Silk Shoe Bag – Price $5.00  AUD

dance accessories    dance accessories

Handmade silk shoe bag, available in various colours and patterns

** NOTE: bags may vary slightly in colour and pattern depending on what we have been supplied, as some patterns are no longer available.

Jewellery Bag – Price $2.00 AUD each

These beautiful jewellery bags are great to store your personal belongings, keys, money and jewellery in your shoe bag.

dance accessories